What temperature should we have on the tour for the heat pump installations?

The heat distribution system of the heat pump systems must be designed in such a way that the required heat demand is attained at the lowest possible flow temperatures.

Each decrease in flow temperature by one degree results in savings of 1.5-2.5% of the heat pump’s energy consumption.

I recommend system sizing for a 35-degree maximum in heat pump systems. Any flow temperature above this value significantly reduces pump efficiency. check out this:pompe de caldur


What Are Water Heat Pumps And What Types Are They?

Air Heat Pumps are called so because they extract their free energy from the air.

The first models of water heat pump were monoblock type. In general, large, outdoor units, mounted in the garden with trails for the underground heat-protected agent of frost.

For some versions, models of indoor air heat pump models have been developed with air inlet and outlet ducts.

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