A couple of words about us!

Everyone should be open to Grays Carrier. With a steady record of up to 29 years, Grays has built trust relationships by providing the highest quality transportation services to both individuals and companies. We are in a position to make any move to any portion of the earth. We all have the equipment and human resources to make your move a pleasurable experience.

In metaphorical Gray all the tools they want while in transit ( vehicles, elevators, elevators, warehouses, personnel, packing boxes ) inspected and receive the necessary maintenance procedures that are essential to make his removal you easily quickly and safely. Grisos has an ardent storage space for your items and can

to provide insurance coverage when transporting your house after request. We have created and provided special transportation packages for students for military and unemployed. Simply by comprehending and understanding the difficulty of the season, we have adjusted our prices according to the needs you have.

Why to choose all of us

All our trucks, transport vehicles, and lifting equipment are cutting edge and have all the international and national qualifications that are necessary. Each of our vehicles are checked at regular intervals to ensure you the best travel quality and choose a move a pleasurable experience. ΜΕΤΑΚΟΜΙΣΗ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ

We provide affordable promotional packages for eliminating student, military and out of work transport. It is also possible to incorporate moving for lower cost. You can calculate the expense of travel to the moving computer. Combine price and quality.

The Transfers and Shifting Company Gray can satisfy your requirements to and from across the world. Grayscale has a network of companions around the world and can guarantee the safe transportation of your home goods within the quickest possible time.

Our years of experience and our highly trained staff have the ability to complete any transfer you should do with professionalism and esteem for your items. We certainly have trained people to take apart and reposition your home.

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